MGIMO University

Preparatory Program 
For International Students

Preparatory Program For International Students

Preparatory courses will help you to

MGIMO offers you comprehensive training at different levels and in different formats depending on your request.

Our approach allows you to choose the most suitable module and study the program in a convenient format: face-to-face or online.

20 academic hours each course
2 subjects: Russian language (20 h) + English language (20 h)
1 ac. hour = 40 minutes
132 academic hours
2 subjects: History + Social studies
4 ac. hours per week
1 ac. hour – 40 minutes
396 academic hours
1 subject (Russian language)
12 hours per week
1 ac. hour – 40 minutes
132 academic hours
1 subject (Russian language)
4 hours per week
1 ac.hour – 40 minutes
132 academic hours
1 subject (English language)
4 ac. hours per week
1 ac. hour – 40 minutes

Campus facilities


Cultural Center


MGIMO possesses a large-scale sports infrastructure that provides ample opportunities for practicing sports. Thanks to special equipment and a variety of areas for physical activities, each student can fully realize his potential.

Multifunctional Sports and Recreation Center of MGIMO is located on the territory of the University and includes the following sports facilities:

The universal sports hall

This spacious hall is designed for the competitions in various sports, it has markings for mini-football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and badminton. The hall is also equipped with a tribune for spectators, a modern scoreboard and a special synthetic surface.

Tennis court

Comfortable tennis court with PU-Sport multi-layer coating and a balcony for spectators.

The gym with professional simulators

The gym is designed for bodybuilding and fitness for athletes of all levels. It is equipped with an updated line of cardio equipment, Swedish professional equipment, equipment for multifunctional training, special flooring, tinted mirrors, a system of purge ventilation and air conditioning.

Martial arts hall

The martial arts hall is equipped with soft, safe wall-mounted roll-mats, punching bags, facilities for doing wrestling and impact sport.

Aerobic hall

This gym is ideal for aerobics and sport dance classes. It’s equipped with mirrors, sport mats, gymnastic sticks and fit balls.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool with 6 lanes (25 m each) is a perfect area for swimming and water aerobics. It has the German integrated water treatment system with ozonation. Also, the pool is fitted with a balcony accommodating 50 people.


The gym is equipped with various exercise machines, mirrors and air conditioning system.

Outdoor sports facilities

Football field. When covered with artificial grass, it is an ideal territory to play football, and spacious bleachers are designed for supporters. Moreover, the field is fitted with synthetic running tracks and volleyball and basketball courts.

In addition to that, on the MGIMO area you can do sport on the workout site and tennis courts with special coverage.

Besides, to improve one’s health there is a sauna for six people and a solarium.

The Cultural Center was established in 1996 on the basis of the MGIMO Conference hall and since then unites students, staff and guests of the University. Today, the Cultural Center is a modern multimedia platform for events of any format at the highest level, including international conferences, forums and presentations, as well as speeches presented by political and public figures.

The Cultural Center provides students with the opportunity to discover their creative potential and show their talents. There are 9 creative studious on the basis of the MGIMO Cultural Center opened for everyone:

Ballroom dance club

Dance group

Singing club

Ballroom dance club

PROXENOS choir (MGIMO chorus)


Poetry club

Drama club


Guitar band

A new modern and the largest dormitory in Russia is located on Vernadsky Avenue within walking distance from MGIMO.

Students are accommodated in spacious and comfortable rooms for 2-3 people. Rooms have a bathroom, sleeping places, a dining room, a work area. All rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture for a comfortable stay.

The dormitory project includes a large coworking space, a modern gym with the necessary equipment for various sports, a pharmacy, a laundry. The building will house a grocery store, modern vending machines and coffee corners.

A comprehensive custom online platform (application) will also be launched in the dormitory to solve all the pressing issues of residents.

Visa Support

If you need visa to come to the Russian Federation please contact the coordinator of the program you apply for.

Fill out a visa application form and send it along with a digital copy of your passport (pages containing your personal data) to your coordinator by e-mail. The copy should be legible and the photograph should be clearly visible.

PLEASE NOTE! Your passport must be valid for 1,5 year after the beginning date of your Russian visa


Scans in PDF format:

  • identity document (passport)
  • notarized translation of the first page of the passport
  • consent to the processing of personal data
  • medical certificate confirming the absence of medical contraindications for training (for offline classes only)
  • medical certificate on the absence of the HIV and AIDS (for offline classes only)
  • medical certificate on the absence of all types of hepatitis and tuberculosis (for offline classes only)
  • international medical insurance covering all your possible staying in Russia (for offline classes only)
  • 4 passport photos 3×4 сm (for offline classes only)



Ms Anna Korshunova


Ms Tatyana Yakovenko